Impact Extrusion

Impact Extrusion technology offers significant cost savings over traditional machining for aluminum components. By cold forging the metal directly into the finished geometry, the material waste and offal is greatly reduced and finish machining process can be simplified.

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Impact Extrusion Capabilities

  • In-house design and build of tooling and and workcenters
  • Very tight wall thickness tolerance capability (+/- .005mm)
  • 5 million impacts / year production supporting Ultrasonic Park-Assist Sensor membranes
  • Barrel cleaning line for lubrication removal
  • Cost effective production option for small Aluminum heat sinks

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The bobbin for coil winding is the heart of the switching relay and is a challenging high volume plastic component. Adventec brought a creative tooling and production solution that quickly won them preferred supplier status for the component. Their implementation of high speed & high volume cavity separation allowed us to tune our lines and achieve new levels of throughput and yields

On a critical wire-harness to seat switch assembly, Adventec achieved unprecedented reliability by changing the paradigm of ultrasonic welding principles. With a willingness to challenge existing assumptions they Engineered an automated single point weld system with a moving anvil which was previously thought to be impossible

Professional, methodical approach to electromechanical assembly of a complex module … achieved throughput, labor reductions, cost savings

With a few simple and logical part design changes, Adventec was able to adapt a high volume insert molded switch base for fully automated manufacturing. The resulting cost savings have been passed through, and the design concepts carried over to other components

Adventec was brought to the table in the early stages of a critical edge-board connector redesign. They quickly understood the challenges and limitations of the previous design and through careful analysis and applying DFA/DFM principles were able to deliver an innovative solution that also provided cost savings